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Unakite, one of nature’s greatest heart- and mind-healing gems, combines the bountiful, nourishing energy of green with the delicate, compassionate passion of pink. It is a stone intended for bringing the emotional body into harmony and resonates with the frequencies of love, compassion, and kindness.

Unakite is made up of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and often colorless quartz. These minerals go well together and show strong connections. Its pink and green energies balance various components of the heart, boosting one’s spirits when they are low and assisting in the slow, peaceful discharge of repressed emotions. It encourages tenacity and patience while gradually getting rid of undesirable habits as well as the ideas and behaviors that support them. It is a wonderful stone for children’s delicate emotions and is especially useful for assisting them in recovering from sadness, grief, or disappointment. Unakite supports anyone who is a little confused, overburdened, or having trouble paying attention in the present.

Epidote, whose name comes from the Greek word epidosis, which means “growing together,” makes up the majority of unakite. Unakite is a strongly linked mineral amalgam that is thought to represent the idea that “what comes together belongs together.” It is a granite rock that forms dense, opaque masses. Its hue ranges from pistachio to moss green, with patches of pink, peach, or pale red. It is named after the Unaka Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina, USA, where it was first discovered, but it is also found in Zimbabwe and Switzerland in pebbles and boulders in glacial drifts near the Great Lakes. It is occasionally described as grandodiorite or epidotized granite.

How to use:

Unakite is usually packed in a bag and sprinkled with dried yarrow as a marriage or commitment symbol for long-lasting love. On anniversaries, it should be changed, and the outdated crystal and yarrow should be thrown into the rushing stream. Placing Unakite under the pillow will help two become three and promote conception. Unakite is wonderful for usage during labor to ease the transition, and it helps expectant parents establish a spiritual connection with their unborn child during pregnancy by placing a piece on the womb.

By promoting balanced emotions, Unakite promotes healthy partnerships. It promotes harmonious relationships in both romantic and professional contexts, and it is especially useful when collaborating closely with a relative or friend where good interpersonal relationships are essential.

Unakite, used as a professional support stone, aids in boosting business success in the beauty, aromatherapy, and fashion design industries. It is also a pillar of support for divorce lawyers and marriage counselors.

When someone gets hurt, is ill for a long time, or is in the hospital, unakite is excellent for mending and nurturing the bodily and emotional bodies. Its earth energies help one understand and put up with these trying or painful events while gradually restoring strength and vigor.

Unakite is a fantastic talisman for reducing or quitting smoking as well as for overcoming other ingrained addictions, including binge eating, excessive drinking or drug use, or overeating. It gradually cleanses the body of damaging poisons and energies at the cellular level and aids in the release of emotional triggers that support the habit.

A sizable specimen or bowl of Unakite tumblestones placed in the area neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic pollution from televisions, computers, and other technology devices.

Unakite enhances psychic vision and imagery when worn on the third eye. Moreover, it can be used as a casting crystal for scrying, indicating where accommodation and fusion are required.

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