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Iolite, which changes colors from violet to blue, carries the essence of travel, dreams, intuition, discovery, and illumination like a pristine, black winter sky. It is referred to as the Vikings’ Compass and gives us the vision to navigate from one dimension to another, both physically and spiritually.

Thin bits of iolite were employed as the first polarizing filter in history by Leif Eriksson and other Viking explorers who traveled far into the Atlantic Ocean, away from any coastline that would help them pinpoint their location. They could navigate securely to the New World and return by using an Iolite lens to see the sun’s precise location.

Iolite exhibits pleochroism, a characteristic that causes the stone to appear in different hues depending on how it is seen. Iolite generally has a violet-blue or indigo appearance, but depending on its position, it can also change to a yellow-gray, honey tint, or even a clear light blue. Dichroite and “Water Sapphire” are other names for it. Iolite, a gem form of the mineral Cordierite, gets its name from the Greek word ios, which means violet.

Iolite aids in regaining balance and is advised for those who are disoriented, unmotivated, persistently disorganized, and distracted. It gives one more self-assurance and perseverance under trying circumstances, and it enhances the determination to accept responsibility and follow through. When used for debt forgiveness and frugal money management, it is a fantastic energy source.

Iolite gives people who feel they are cursed a fresh viewpoint and motivates everyone who leads a chaotic existence to start bringing order in simple, doable ways.

Iolite connects with the twilight energy, a lovely violet-blue that awakens psychic awareness and the astral bodies. It provides insight into worlds beyond the sphere of ordinary waking consciousness and is perfect for astral projection, dimensional work, and other inner vision techniques. It also works well for past- and alternate-life work.

Iolite is a stone of the muses, opening the mind’s imaginative and creative side and allowing access to thoughts and ideas outside of the norm. It encourages artistic self-expression through writing, singing, dancing, and other creative pursuits.

Iolite can be used to strengthen familial problems. If a youngster feels excluded due to sibling rivalry or the presence of a new stepparent, place them in the living area. If your family has unreasonable expectations of you or if your work choice was decided for you because of familial ties, try Iolite. Iolite acts as a homecoming amulet for tourists. Offer students who are leaving home or family members who are relocating a piece of Iolite jewelry or a tumble stone as a farewell gift.

Iolite helps one comprehend and let go of the origins of addiction, enabling the expression of one’s authentic self free from social pressure.

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