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As the most gorgeous of all jewels, the queen of stones, and the stone of kings, the fiery and alluring Ruby is a stone of grandeur. Ancient cultures thought its virtues outweighed those of all other precious stones, and its price was even higher than the diamond’s. According to legend, the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan offered to trade a large ruby for a whole city.

The ruby has a variety of red hues, ranging from pale pink to blood red. This color is due to chromium. The word “ruby” comes from “rubber,” the Latin word for red.

Rubies energize and warm the heart. Chakra of love and devotion, but “the root”—the chakra that gives birth to our bodies and passions—is the one it governs and awakens most. Ruby works with our chi, also known as qi, and energy. It may increase our own energy, enthusiasm, and well-being. It can aid in getting rid of depression or any negative thoughts, even lending us strength, courage, and determination of will. While this gemstone amplifies energy, it additionally enhances memory and concentration, making it great for making good decisions. Physically, Ruby is used to help detoxify the body, aid with heart problems, and strengthen the circulatory system or reproductive system.

Although Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July, it is a common gift for lovers in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Its deep red color shows passion and power. In the past, royalty wore rubies because they were thought to have magical powers that could help them fight evil. Myths and legends say that the stone gets darker to warn the person who wears it of dangers that are coming. Even today’s modern royalties still use rubies to adorn the insignia of their households.

Ruby has always been revered throughout history and has served as a talisman of love, safety, and prosperity. According to tradition, the stone’s brilliant hue alludes to an unquenchable flame that, if cast into the water, would cause it to boil, and if carved and pressed into wax, would melt the wax. It was worn as a charm or amulet to protect against pestilence and plague, to alert the wearer of imminent danger, to keep the body secure, and to drive away melancholy and foolish ideas. It was thought to bring tranquility, ward off terrifying dreams, control libido, and mediate conflicts. According to a myth from Burma, putting a ruby within the body would render the bearer entirely invulnerable.

Ruby’s metaphysical abilities are still remarkable today. This magnificent crystal releases the pure red beam with a brilliance unequaled in the material universe. The base chakra is actively stimulated, boosting chi, or life force energy, throughout the physical body and into the soul. It encourages mental clarity, improved focus, and drive. It also gives the wearer a sense of power, self-confidence, and resolve that helps overcome hesitancy and move them toward success and prosperity.

Ruby initiates the sensual pleasures of life. It elicits a hearty heartbeat and blood flow, making one feel more at ease in the physical environment. It can be used to awaken the Kundalini and boost desire and sexual energy. A ruby has traditionally been linked to love, particularly devotion, passionate dedication, and intimacy. Rubies were regarded as the ideal wedding stone in antiquity.

Wear or carry Ruby to combat fatigue and drowsiness. It increases the system’s overall vigor and vitality and boosts circulation. However, wearing this stone could be too stimulating or uncomfortable for people who are easily irritated or overly sensitive. Ruby has been observed to reduce hyperactivity in some people.

The aphrodisiac properties of ruby make it possible to experience all types of love, from passionate sensuality to mystical oneness. It strengthens a couple’s bond and promotes intimacy and dedication. It’s also known as the “stone of courtly love” and can elicit a lot of admiration. When Ruby is worn during romantic activities, it can help preserve and revive the passion and is fantastic for boosting the likelihood of conception.

Ruby’s potent energy sharpens the mental faculties, resulting in increased awareness and exceptional concentration. It encourages a brave attitude and could make one more successful in conflicts and disagreements.

Ruby helps lessen anxiety about the supernatural and evil. It drives out nightmares and provides protection from emotional and psychological harm. It is a shielding crystal that guards against fire and invaders, making it a useful item to wear covertly at night to stay safe.

Both naturally occurring and synthetic rubies are coveted jewels used in high-tech applications like watchmaking, medical equipment, and lasers for microscopic surgery.

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