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In all of its celestial hues, the majestic and holy sapphire is a stone of wisdom and majesty, prophecy, and divine favor. It is always linked to holy things and is known as the “gem of gems,” a treasure with a long history and tradition in almost every religion. In the ancient and medieval worlds, sapphires of heavenly blue represented the pinnacle of celestial hope and faith and were thought to offer protection, good fortune, and spiritual understanding. It was a sign of strength and power, but also of kindness and sound judgment.

In Hebrew legend, both King Solomon and Abraham wore sapphire talismans, and the law handed to Moses on the Mount was thought to be engraved on sapphire tablets. The Greeks wore it to seek insight from the Oracle at Apollo’s Shrine in Delphi. Buddhists thought it gave devotion and spiritual enlightenment, and Hindus thought it was one of the “great gems” used in temple gifts for worship and to align astrological influences. In Christianity, it was used in religious rings, and kings and queens valued it for its ability to protect and enlighten.

Sapphire was believed to preserve virginity, detect fraud and deceit, protect its wearer against poison, plague, fever, and skin ailments, and to have considerable resistance to black magic and ill-wishing. It improves vision, boosted concentration, and lost brilliance if worn by an intemperate or impious individual.

Sapphire is still thought of as a “stone of wisdom” and a “royal stone of learning, mental sharpness, and psychic activity.” It is also thought to help people who are looking for spiritual truth. Its pure blue rays bring order and healing to the mind, as well as strength and focus, in addition to the ability to look behind surface appearances to underlying truths and use that knowledge. It stimulates the throat and third eye chakras, providing access to higher levels of consciousness and a better understanding of oneself. Blue sapphire, which is associated with the planet Saturn, welcomes order, structure, and self-discipline and is perfect for achieving goals and expressing ideas in form. Sapphire is a great choice for earth and chakra healing because it can change bad thoughts and energy.

Sapphire is a corundum mineral that can be translucent or opaque and has prismatic tabular, bipyramidal, or rhombohedral crystals as well as granular or massive habits. Blue is considered the “true” hue of sapphire and is the one most well recognized, yet sapphire can develop in a variety of colors and will have the color added to its name (for example, green sapphire, yellow sapphire). In the case of blue sapphire, iron and titanium produce its lovely hues, and additional mineral compounds formed with aluminum oxide are what cause the variable coloration. Except for red corundum, which is a ruby, all other corundum colors are sapphires.

Blue Sapphire colors span from pale to deep azure or dark royal blue to indigo, with the velvety cornflower blue, also known as Kashmir or bleu de roi, being the most sought-after. Sapphire is derived from the Latin sapphirus, Greek sappheiros, and Sanskrit sanipryam, all of which imply “blue stone.” According to a recent study, what we now call Lapis Lazuli was also known as sapphire in the ancient world, and most of the sapphire recorded in the Bible and other sources was actually Lapis Lazuli.

Sapphire is excellent for soothing and focusing the mind, allowing mental stress and unpleasant thoughts to be released. It helps the mind be open to beauty and intuition, giving a sense of lightness and joy while bringing the body back into balance.

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