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Symbols: keys, torch, cauldron, knife, broomEmblem: star, crescent moonColor: blackSacred number: 3Time of day: nightSacred…



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Photo by Pixabay on <a href="https://www.pexels.com/photo/pollen-macro-dandelion-back-light-36424/" rel="nofollow">Pexels.com</a>

We often observe our yards blanking abruptly with dots of sunny, golden blossoms every spring. While many residents in suburban areas consider dandelions the scourge of their existence and use large sums of money to eliminate them from sight, the matter is that dandelions both from a medical and magical standpoint have a long and rich folklore historical record. Let’s look at various ways dandelions have been used over the centuries. Taraxacum is the common name for this herb. It is a sizable genus of Asteraceae flowering plants. Although the two most prevalent species of dandelion were introduced into North…

How to Attract Potential Lover(s) [spell]

Until a connection is made, your belief, desire, and attention will be put to work to affect your fate and bring romantic prospects to you one at a time. First, cast your magickal circle around your altar after preparing your external sacred place. In the first hour following dusk on a Thursday during a waxing moon: A purple candle should be lit and set in front of a bowl of water. Hold a mirror up to the candle, the water, and finally your face. Look into your own eyes. Concentrate on your attractiveness, likability, and desirability. Again, hold the mirror…

Litha, The Midsummer Sabbat: Celebrate the Power of the Sun!

The gardens are in full flower, and summer has arrived. Fire up the grill, put on the sprinkler, and enjoy the Midsummer celebrations! This summer solstice Sabbat, also known as Litha, commemorates the year’s longest day. Take advantage of the extra hours of daylight by spending as much time as possible outside! How do I celebrate? Litha can be celebrated in a variety of ways, depending on your spiritual path, but the focus is almost always on the power of the sun. It’s that time of year when the crops are flourishing and the ground has warmed up. We may…

Gemstones and Our Affair with Them

Gemstones are valuable or semiprecious stones that are used to beautify the body in jewelry. They are crystalline rocks or crystals that are cut and polished for use in jewelry. They are precious due to their beauty, uniqueness, and durability, and they survive a long time and may be passed down as heirlooms. The variety of gemstones available is astounding. Diamond, garnet, beryl, emerald, sapphire, quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, opal, peridot, ruby, spinel, tourmaline, topaz, and other gemstones are commonly used in jewelry. These are vibrantly colored and really appealing. The inherent crystal structure and how it develops define the…


Moldavite is without a doubt a stone of magnificence, etherically sculpted of spiritual fire and meant for a purpose. Nature’s dramatic meteoric contact with Mother Earth created this enigmatic green talisman. Moldavite, etched by force and heat as it fell from heaven, came to the earth’s surface altered, a glass of incredible delicacy and elegance ready to serve humanity. Moldavite, as a Stone of Connectivity, carries a powerful frequency, a combination of earthly and otherworldly energies that are felt swiftly, and often dramatically, in people who resonate with its power. When holding Moldavite for the first time, a sense of…

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