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Kunzite is a lovely gem with pure energy and a cheerful temperament. It is a Stone of Emotion, with pale pink to light violet tones, opening and linking the heart to the mind and fostering a healing communion between the two. Kunzite allows one to let go of protective walls surrounding the heart and be open to the feeling of unconditional and bountiful love.

Kunzite is the pink-to-violet variation of the silicate Spodumene, named after mineralogist and jeweler George Frederick Kunz, who first classified it in 1902. It is as transparent as glass and produces flattened prismatic crystals with vertical striations. It is highly pleochroic, changing from pale pink to light violet and even colorless depending on the angle of observation, and despite its flawless cleavage, it may be faceted into magnificent gems.

Kunzite crystals can be colorless, pink, lilac, yellow, or green. Hiddenite, or Green Kunzite, is the yellow-green to emerald variation. Triphane, or Spodumene, is the colorless to light yellow variant. Authentic Kunzite is very pale in color, with darker natural tints being more valuable. There are some heat-enhanced varieties available. In direct sunlight, all Kunzite will fade.

Pink Kunzite is also known as the Woman’s Stone. It is especially beneficial to a young or first-time mother, as well as all single mothers, and it helps both human and animal mothers who are having difficulty caring for their children. It is a fantastic present for girls entering puberty to help them love their changing bodies, and it is a nice stone for restless babies and overactive youngsters.

Kunzite is an excellent crystal for children who are having difficulty adjusting to and functioning in life. Its light pink ray will soothe and cleanse any auric shadows that have collected as a result of bad vibrations or events. It is also a helpful stone for star children or walk-ins to adjust to earthly situations and energies.

Kunzite aids in overcoming heartbreak after a breakup as well as sadness brought on by loss or separation.

Kunzite’s calming power soothes nerves during an examination, interview, or assessment and is excellent in situations where you cannot exhibit annoyance. Kunzite is a protective stone in the workplace when bosses bring personal dislikes or difficulties to work or utilize flirtation or sexual bullying as a power play.

Lilac Kunzite, as a travel crystal, protects against road rage and tension when traveling. It also helps to calm down problematic passengers in your vehicle.

When visiting places where negative occurrences have occurred, bring Lilac Kunzite with you. It strengthens intuition and is highly effective against evil spirits.

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