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Tanzanite stimulates the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, bringing together intuition and communication in the higher intellect.

The color of tanzanite can change from lilac-blue to sapphire blue to deep blue-violet, making it a stone of transformation. The New York jewelers Tiffany & Co. were the first promoters of this stone and made wonderful pieces to exhibit it in its faceted shape, which is stunning. It is known as the “gemstone of the 20th century” and is celebrated in this form.

When it comes to spiritual exploration, Tanzanite is one of the most priceless metaphysical stones since it combines all facets of communication and psychic ability. Its high vibrational energy promotes safety and protection when connecting with higher worlds and permits profoundly deep meditation. It teaches people how to live with an illuminated mind and a compassionate heart, which is particularly useful in bringing the mind and heart together.

Tanzanite is a type of blue zoisite. Zoisite is a calcium-aluminum silicate mineral that usually forms prismatic, striated crystals that are clear to slightly opaque and range in color from dark ultramarine to light violet blue. Crystals with a strong blue hue and a touch of purple all around are the most sought-after. Tanzanite occurs in four colors: blue, purple, brown, and yellow in its unprocessed form. To get the eye-catching violet-blue hue and get rid of the brownish-yellow patches, nearly all Tanzanite is heated. The crystal is pleochroic, which means that the colors change when you look at it from different angles. It seems to be an amethyst blue in artificial light.

The Merelani Hills in Tanzania, East Africa, are the only area in the world where tanzanite is found, making it relatively uncommon and expensive. It bears the name of the country where it was discovered in 1967. Because of its fragility, it should be worn with caution. Ultrasonic cleaning should never be used.

Tanzanite is a great stone for people who are just starting to use their psychic abilities because it is very protective and helps the clairvoyant Brow Chakra grow slowly. This prevents psychic impressions from being too overwhelming. To close the Third Eye and psychic abilities, turn a Tanzanite counterclockwise. To open them, turn them clockwise.

Tanzanite is a tranquil and soothing office stone. With a little effort, communication barriers can be overcome. It is also useful in that it offers a fix for issues when none seem to exist. It is an excellent stone for changing careers.

Tanzanite is a great crystal for counselors or other people who have to understand emotional events rationally since it supports the sharing of spiritual truths and information from a heart-centered perspective. Additionally, it helps empathic people who comprehend intuitively received emotional information.

When Tanzanite is worn as jewelry, it not only stays inside the wearer’s aura field and elevates the wearer’s consciousness over time, but it also awakens the consciousness of anybody who looks at it.

For Healing?

According to legend, tanzanite boosts vitality, cleanses the blood, and strengthens the immune system. It protects against the bad effects of medical or surgical care and helps skin, hair, and cells grow back. It is also said to assist in waking someone up from a vegetative state.

Treatment for nervous tension, stress, and psychiatric illnesses can all benefit from tanzanite, which also works wonders for excessive perspiration. Along with other therapies like psychotherapy, it may help treat persistent alcoholism and ease migraine headaches.

Tanzanite has a happy, stress-relieving energy that helps people understand their feelings without having to think about them too much. It encourages one to feel more loving, sympathetic, and grounded.

In order to rebuild trust, tanzanite aids in overcoming experiences of fear and crises. It aids in finding answers to life’s big problems and in accepting oneself.

With all the inventiveness and eloquence the intellect can muster, Tanzanite makes it easier to speak the heart’s truth, and it gets easier over time.

NOTE: This website’s information is not intended to replace expert medical advice. All of the content on this website, including details about illnesses, medications, and treatments, is provided solely for informational purposes. Before beginning any alternative treatments, diets, supplements, or fitness regimens, please see a medical practitioner.

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