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Seeing Aura Colors

Aura reading involves a lot of color analysis. On the other hand, density, light, and shape are constraints that prevent non-physical energy from mixing with the human body. Do you notice any locations where the colors are faded or have holes? Accept your gut instinct.


This color is hard to understand. When one’s aura is black, nothing is wrong. Black typically indicates that someone is protecting themselves from outside influences. This can also imply that someone is out of balance, concealing something, or harboring a secret.

If an adult has not dealt with early trauma, they will carry the black ring around their child until they are healed. A black ring around a child typically implies some type of abuse.


This is available in many tones. The auras of gifted people are tinged with blue. A pale blue hue within the purple that bursts outward from the heart like sunrays will be visible in intuitive people.

A darker blue might be an indication of loneliness. Deep blue displays commitment, integrity, and sound judgment.

A darker shade of blue indicates a strong personality, a tendency to be sad, or too much sensitivity.


This color might be a sign of someone’s growth. When seen around the head with other colors, it means that the person is getting smarter, more organized, and more in tune with their instincts. Brown by itself can be a sign of inactivity or of someone who has “stalled.”


Indicates a strong spiritual presence and self-awareness. Muddy gold indicates that one hasn’t completely accepted their higher levels.


Usually observed in close proximity to thinkers and analysts, this could be a sign of a “balanced” person. People with intelligence display this color all over their skulls.


Reliable, compassionate, and possessing healing powers. A muddier shade, such as “green with envy,” may imply jealousy.


Can be a sign of creativity and insight. Silvery gray denotes femininity, yet darker gray can indicate physical imbalance or secrecy. Gay men’s auras can have various tones of gray.


Bright orange represents emotional and paranormal growth. A drab hue denotes uncertainty about how to handle this growth. A guy with much pride comes across as muddy orange.


The hue of honesty and affection. Additionally, it shows a creative and artistic person’s more reserved side. Dark pink could be a sign of immaturity or changes in one’s romantic life.

Dull pink, beware—someone is lying.


Deeper purple, the color of intuition, represents a person with a strong sense of self and passion. It can also signify being overbearing and having a strong erotic imagination.


A color that conjures up intense feelings, energy, and either love or hate. But an extreme crimson hue could be a sign of someone about to lose control.

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