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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pink-colored crystal with a soft, soothing energy that can provide comfort to anyone who is hurting. The gemstone is used to heal the heartbroken and is a natural remedy that may be utilized to address any emotional ailment. Rose quartz, for example:

  • Encourages self-acceptance.
  • Heals the mental and physical body
  • Heartache is relieved.
  • It alleviates loneliness.
  • Releasing repressed pain
  • Encourages forgiving.
  • Provides inner tranquility.


Rose quartz was once known as pink quartz or hyaline quartz by ancient civilizations. Rose quartz gets its name from the Greek word “hyalos,” which means “glass.” Legend has it that Aphrodite’s blood was splattered over white quartz when she cut herself on a thorny bush to save her love Adonis from Are’s war. Out of compassion, Zeus brought Adonis back from war, giving rose quartz its meaning of rekindled or renewed love. Cupid and Eros, according to another Greek myth, delivered rose quartz to mankind to seed love and hope.

Rose quartz has been used since the beginning of time. As early as 7000 B.C., it was an important aspect of Assyrian arts and crafts. The first people to use and embody rose quartz’s spiritual meaning in their rites and ceremonies were the Assyrians of Mesopotamia.

The Romans and Egyptians regarded rose quartz as a symbol of beauty. It was employed as an anti-aging ingredient in facial masks and cosmetic products. Americans, on the other hand, use crystals to attain balance and calm. For them, the rose quartz crystal represents personal growth and well-being. It was widely used and venerated in carvings and lucky charms throughout East Asia as a gift of love.

Mineralogists found the differences between rose quartz and pink quartz in the 1990s by scrutinizing distinct crystalline examples. Pink quartz’s color is steady and usually forms a single crystal, whereas rose quartz’s hue is always even and does not form a single crystal. Over time, the qualities and differences between the two have been discovered, as has the significance of rose quartz. This semi-precious stone’s long history and widespread appeal have made it a true treasure throughout the years, and it is prized around the world.

Cleaning & Care

When exposed to light and heat, rose quartz is generally stable. Cleaning rose quartz with warm, soapy water is always a good idea. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners should be avoided when cleaning. Radiation is sometimes used to enhance the color of rose quartz.

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