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Celestite is special to those who look to the light-filled heavens and feel a wonderful sense of peace, an elevation of spirit, and an overwhelming sense of belonging, not just to mankind, but to the universe and all that dwells there. Celestite’s ethereal blue crystals reflect the many colors of our celestial dome, making it one of the most beautiful blue energy crystals. It is a strong activator of the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, stimulating the spiritual senses and providing a quick and dynamic connection to the higher realms. It is first and foremost a Stone of Heavenly Communication, especially with the angelic realm, and is one of the most effective for connecting with one’s guardian angels or spirit guides.

Celestite’s high vibrational frequency radiates in all directions, emitting a soft, positive energy that can be used to cleanse one’s surroundings or heal one’s aura. It is useful for calming fears or stilling a racing mind, as well as for providing clear focus and a smooth transition in meditation. Celestite promotes dream recall and out-of-body travel, as well as intuitive abilities, particularly in clairvoyant and clairaudient endeavors. It is a lovely crystal that promotes heart purity, hope, and good fortune.

Celestite, as a stone of heavenly communication, is ideal for quickly connecting with the angelic presence and summoning one’s guardian angels. Use it to seek divine guidance, protection, or healing, or to communicate with loved ones on the other side for guidance.

To gently cleanse the environment and fill it with positive energy, place a cluster of blue celestite in any area that has become stagnant with emotional energy or negativity. It is ideal for the bedroom or meditation space to help calm racing thoughts and bring about a sense of calm. Keep in the workplace to alleviate stress and intimidation, and in healing, rooms to attract angelic energies and purify the space.

Blue celestite is an excellent support stone for dispelling worries and fears, as well as suspicions and paranoia, and for making one feel safe and protected. It is an excellent talisman for relieving stress or returning to a calm, centered state during a panic attack. Carry a piece of Celestite with you to help you overcome fears of travel, large crowds, speaking or eating in public, or involuntary behaviors like fainting, excessive blushing, or nervous tics. Give children a small piece to hold so they can feel the presence of their guardian angel whenever they are afraid or lonely.

Celestite is an excellent gemstone for artists, musicians, designers, and anyone else who wants to stimulate creativity and expand their ideas. It is critical for those who work in visionary businesses such as a New Age store, metaphysical services, or any spiritually related business to be prosperous and present while maintaining one’s ethics and connection to the spiritual world.

Note: The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and does not endorse or promote any specific belief system or religious practice.

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