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Healing Spell Using Knots

The need for physical, mental, and spiritual healing and purification is a significant factor in why individuals use magick and other types of witchcraft. Magick has the capacity to cure any disease (but of course, the more serious the ailment, the more powerful Magick is required). This spell uses the soothing vibrations of magick energy to heal you or another person.

1. Set up your space

Set up your altar and outdoor sacred area (by casting your circle).

2. Make seven knots in a thread

As you make the first knot, imagine the disease and pain. You’re not encouraging the illness; on the contrary, you are, in essence, spreading the disease to the knot.

3. Connecting the ends together

By connecting the ends together, you may turn it into a bracelet for the sick person.

4. Put the bracelet on the afflicted person

Daily, untie one knot. On the final day, cut the thread and dump everything into a stream of moving water that is flowing away from the individual.

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