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7 Types of Spirit Guides

Many people hold the belief that we all have a spirit guide. You have a number of guides to assist you on your life’s path. Some of your “team” has been with you since you were born, while others are added when you require them to. Using your personal will, you can even ask your current spirit guides for additional guidance or support. You can strengthen communication with your spirit guides by using crystals.

Your Spirit Guides

You can have one of seven different kinds of spirit guardians. You can have a couple of each type or a lot of different kinds of them all at once. In the end, your spirit guides are what make up your own team, and each person’s team is unique. Ascension masters and deities are among the seven categories of spirit guides who might help you on your spiritual journey. More information on these spirit guides may be found further down the page.

How will I know who my Spirit Guide is?

If you are in touch with your inner self and have strong intuition, discovering who your spirit guides are will not be difficult. Your gut feelings, instinct, and inner voice are all examples of intuition. We’re all born with one. If your intuition isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, you can work on it. To gain an instinctive answer to the question of whom you should call as your spirit guides, close your eyes and focus on that question. Simply said, you’ll have a gut feeling about it. There are crystals like Amethyst and Iolite that might help you develop your intuition more than others.

Your guardian angel was probably assigned to you at birth. Other spirit guards may have been added as you went along, depending on your need… Finally, you can ask for the assistance of specific spirit guides to join your team or help you with problems, directions, or queries.

7 Types of Spirit Guides

The seven different categories of spirit guides have already been mentioned. Even if you have one of each, it’s more likely that you have a few fewer than that if you don’t contact any of them first. Each of the seven sorts of spirit guides will be briefly described below. 

1.) Archangels

Angelic rulers are led by archangels. The archangels wield tremendous power, and each one specializes in a specific area, such as healing or strength.

2.) Guardian Angels

A guardian angel is someone who watches after each and every one of us. They’ve been by your side since the beginning of time. They have the most intimate knowledge of you and are regarded as the team’s captain.

3.) Ancestors

Your spirit guide team includes your ancestors to a large extent. Some people show up only when you need them, while others remain constant companions. This person could be someone’s father, grandparent, or even a close relative.

4.) Nature Spirits

It’s likely that nature spirits are purely ethereal beings with no discernible physical form. In other words, this may be Gaia (mother nature), or any other spirit from the natural world like elves, gnomes, or fairies.

5.) Animal Spirits

Animal spirits are those animals that have made a conscious decision to associate with us for some reason. This could be a message from a teacher or a pet we had a special bond with but who has since passed away.

6.) Ascended Masters

Ascending masters are those who have lived on Earth as humans for many incarnations and attained enlightenment during that period. As a result, they’ve gained enlightenment and are now able to provide better advice.

7.) Deities

Deities are the ancient Gods and Goddesses. This form of spirit guide does not always accompany you, but you can ask for help when you need it.

How to communicate with your spirit guides using crystals ⇢

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